Jordan’s Story

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for…

Our Little Jordan — Our Most Precious Gift from God…

Born on 10.07.2007, this Little One is the ‘monkey’ of the house — he is always busy walking around and ‘destroying’ whatever he can lay hands on. He also has a cheeky, mischievous look and knows how to turn your anger into a smile. I am pretty sure he will steal the hearts of many girls in the future!

When Mummy + Daddy = Jordan! 

Little Jordan was conceived sometime in mid October 06 and his existence was discovered by me on 5 Nov 06, which was our first wedding anniversary and which also happens to be my birthday! So little Jordan was truly the best birthday present for me!

 When the Egg Hatches!

Jordan finally “popped” into this world on 10.07.2007 (well, he didn’t “pop” on 07.07.07 as we had hoped, but 1007, 2007 is not too bad a number too, haha).

The Birth Story…

My first sign of labour was the “show” (which is some bloody discharge) which I experienced at about 4 am on 10.07.2007 (yes, in the wee hours of the morning). I had gone to the toilet to pee and suddenly noticed that my panty liners was stained with blood! I was quite taken aback and my first thought was “oh, my baby is coming out soon!” I was excited and yet nervous, but I remembered my gynae telling me the 3 signs of labour, namely, contractions, show or water back bursting and she said the least important of these was the “show” and that if I experienced it, I could wait till the next day and go to her clinic first. Of course, I couldn’t get to sleep and I was a little undecided about whether I should check into the hospital or wait till the next morning cuz the discharge was almost continuous, though not heavy and I have read somewhere that the show could be some mucous plug or something, so I was wondering why mine was not a one-time thing, but a continuous thing. At the same time, I remembered my gynae telling me that the “show” would be something like what you experienced on the first day of your menses. Finally, I decided to wait till morning, since I wasn’t experiencing any pain, so I drifted into and out of sleep till morning, when my parents-in-law came back.

Went to my gynae first thing in the morning and my gynae checked and informed me that I was 3 cm dilated. She told me that the slight cramps I was then feeling were actually mild contractions which would get stronger as time passes. She advised that I could either wait it out for the contractions to become more painful or I could check into hospital that very afternoon and be induced. As my threshold for pain was really low, I asked if it would be painful to be induced and my gynae said that if I wanted to feel no pain, I could ask for the epidural before they induced me, cuz once the induction medicine was injected, contractions would start.

After discussing with my hubby, we decided that I should be induced, since I was so afraid of pain and at least with induction, I could expect what was to come. I quickly messaged some close friends and asked them to pray for me, cuz I really believe in the power of united prayers. So at 1.30 pm on 10.07.2007, I checked into Thomson Medical centre. The nurse brought me in to get the enema done while my hubby handled the registration and stuff. At about 2 pm, they brought me into the delivery suite and asked me to wait for the epidural doctor to come in to inject and induce me. By about 2.30 pm, I was all done and just waiting for labour to come.

I remembered I was still messaging Poodie and Ecstacy after that until the nurse came in to tell me “no handphones allowed”. Honestly, I couldn’t feel the contractions at all with the epidural, but I know the contractions got huge later on cuz the nurse told me she could see it from the monitoring device they hooked up to me. Plus, moments before Jordan came out, I could feel the intense pressure of his kicks on my right upper ribs. My whole birth process was short and I would say relatively smooth, thank God. Actually, halfway through, my gynae almost wanted to push me in for C-sec, cuz the baby’s heartbeat was dropping and she suspected the umbilical cord could be around his neck. But fortunately, I dilated fast (by about 5 plus, 6, I was already 10 cm dilated) and the baby’s head was very low, so the nurse told me I could try natural. My gynae said she would have to use vacuum since it was crucial to get the baby out ASAP since his heartbeat was not very regular. So I started pushing at around 5.45 pm intermittently baby finally came out at around 6.25 pm! The only part when I felt pain was when the baby’s head was coming out. It was like a searing kind of pain, like the skin tearing apart, yet it was bearable, cuz it was fast with the assistance of the vacuum and the actual pain was very much reduced with the epidural. I didn’t even feel the pain when my gyane snipped the perineum. After the baby’s head came through, I felt really relieved cuz the rest of his body was delivered with ease. It felt like some slippery chunk coming out. The most painful part (or shall I say the part I could feel most, cuz I know it would have been much more painful without the epidural) was when my gyane was stitching me up. I told my gynae it was painful and she was quite funny, haha. She took the needle, which was like a hook and poke at my upper body, which was not numbed by the epidural and asked me “different feeling right?” and I said “yes”. It felt more painful when she poked me at my upper body, but yet I couldn’t say it was entirely numb when she stitched me.

After the entire process, my gynae said to me “there, it wasn’t too bad, was it?” and I grinned “yeah, it wasn’t as painful as I had imagined it to be!”


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