Ian’s Story

Our Tiny Ian– Our Latest Addition to the Family

Born on 29.10.08, this Tiny One has joined his older brother in “destroying” the house. Although still the ‘baby’ of the family, he is certainly not the smallest. He is catching up fast with his elder brother in terms of weight, height and size!! Little Ian is also very responsive when you call him. He will flash his dimpled smile, which will melt your heart!

When Mummy + Daddy = Ian!

Ian came as a surprise as we were not actually planning for a second kid so soon. However, I must say it was a pleasant surprise as he was due on 3 Nov, which was very near my birthday (which is 5 Nov). I was even hoping he would be born on the same day as my birthday, as it would really be a very special birthday gift from God!

When the Egg Hatches!

However, this little imp was too impatient and chose to come into this world on 29.10.2008!

The Birth Story

My first signs of labour were pretty much the same as for Jordan, but I thank God that everything was smoother this time round. Probably, having prior experience helped as I knew what to expect at each stage, making everything less stressful. On the morning of Ian’s birth, I had gone to the toilet and discovered blood stains on my panties (pretty much the same as for Jordan’s case). I knew that this was the first sign of labour, so I went straight to my gynae to get her opinion. After checking, she said that I was 2 cm dilated and similar to the first time, she said I could either wait it out or opt to be induced. I was abit undecided, as I had heard of cases, whereby after induction, the mother does not dilate fast enough and the baby ended up having to be delivered via Caesarian. Although Jordan was successfully induced, I still felt unsure about my next course of action. However, my gynae assured me that, this being my 2nd baby, it should logically be even quicker, since the birth canal had previously opened before. She said that the chances of having an even quicker delivery this time round was very high. However, she still left the final option to me. She told me to go back, think about it and if I chose to be induced, to check into the hospital after lunch. Otherwise, I could just wait at home for contractions to start. After much consideraton, I opted for induction, as I couldn’t bear the thought of having to bear painful contractions. My logic was that with induction, I knew when to expect the pain and that made everything less scary.

Hence, after a small meal at the East Coast Ipoh White Coffee Cafe, we made our way to Thomson Medical Centre. We waited quite a while this time for registration, unlike the first time we were there. This was supposedly another peak period for childbirths and I was wondering why the two times I needed to deliver were both popular periods. After registration was done, the nurse brought me in, got the enema done and told me i was about still about 2-3 cm dilated. I told her I wanted to take the epidural, before I was induced. She was surprised and asked if I had gotten my gynae’s consent. I said I did and I also did it the same way for my first baby. She consulted another nurse, who also didn’t seem to believe me. It sounded like this was not commonly done. Anyway, they rang my gynae to check. I was pretty sure I wanted the epidural first and was horrifed at the thought of going without epidural and experiencing the painful contractions. Anyway, my gynae’s instructions to them was to induce me first, and then give me the epidural. They told me the epidural doctor was not available at that moment and would only come at around 330 pm. I was horrified! What if I felt sharp contractions before the epidural was injected? However, the nurses assured me that it would take a while for the contractions to start and hence, there was still ample time. I didn’t have much of a choice, so I just went along with it. Luckily, everything went well and I didn’t experience much pain. However, I must say that the epidural doctor this time round, who was a woman, wasn’t really that good. She had to poke me a few times on both hands before she found my vein. This was for the cord blood donation. The epidural doctor usually helps to hook the mother up to the thing that will hold the cord blood during delivery — it was pretty much like drawing blood to me. The last time round when I delivered Jordan, the male doctor was really quick and good. I really regretted not requesting in advance for the same doctor back. I didn’t really think it was that important, but after this time, I know it is important and if I ever have another kid, I will be sure to book my epidural doctor in advance too.

By the time all the preparation was done, it was around 4 pm. They told me to just lie down and wait. Then my gynae came, she said I should delivery by late evening, latest by 8 pm, judging from her experience.

The delivery was very smooth and quick and I felt minimal pain. However, during the contractions (which I couldn’t really feel actually, cuz of the epidural), I felt immense pressure. The pressure I felt this time round was greater than for Jordan’s case, cuz they purposely turned down the epidural level so that I could feel some pain in order to push. The feeling was somewhat similar to when you have a stomache and needed to poo.

After much pushing, Ian finally emerged. I remembered he came out pretty smoothly and I didn’t feel any searing pain, unlike the first time. The stitching this time round was also very much less painful. I didn’t even really feel it and I told my gynae so. I said it was unlike the first time and she said it’s probably cuz the epidural hasn’t worn off yet, as I delivered in a much shorter time compared to the first time.

When the nurse brought Ian to me, they pointed out that he had a dimple! I was so pleased, haha. Cuz I love dimples and I am so glad all the “men” in the family have them!


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