About Me

A mummy to two impish little boys (born in Jul 07 and Oct 08), I love to shop, shop and shop. Whether it’s online or at the malls, I absolutely adore shopping. Sometimes I overbuy, sometimes I overspend. It seems like I can’t get enough of shopping. I can’t resist nice and pretty stuff and like every other shopaholic queen, I will squeal with delight when I lay hands on something I really really like! I am also into mineral makeup (love Silk Naturals!), natural living (such as using cloth pads, recyleable and reusaeable stuff), healthy living (well, as much as I can, I try to eat natural and unprocessed food, though I cannot deny I love Macdonalds and will die if I never eat their stuff again) and travelling (though I really have a long way to go in fulfulling my dream of travelling around the world).

Through this little diary, I hope to document and capture all the lovely memories — be it sweet, sour, exasperating or funny of our daily lives and those unforgetable moments as our sons grow up day by day. I hope that friends and family alike will be able to share our joy of having these two little rascals in our lives! It’s sometimes so easy to forget things when you don’t document it — yes, bureacratic as it may sound if you make yourself write for the sake of writing, but I dun want to forget the little moments that slip by so quickly. I want them to be etched in my heart forever — hence this blog to document the bits and pieces of our lives, so that as I look back many years later, I can “relive” the old days, laugh at the funny moments, cry at the sad moments and get angry over the nerve-wrecking moments.

My Dreams. My Hopes. My Aspirations.

-> To always count the blessings in my life!

-> To build a loving and close-knit family

-> To travel far and wide (Countries I have not been to & would love to visit: U.S.A, Europe (esp, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway), Cape Town, Russia, Dubai, New Zealand

-> To buy my own Volkswagon Beetle in either Pink/ Red/ White/ Bright Yellow (my target: 5 years from now?)

-> To have a successful sideline (still exploring what I can do, because  I feel that I am not progressing where I am and I would really like to do something different)

-> To be more environmental conscious, yes GREEN (though my hubby says that I am probably more concerned about the costs of living than about the environment, which is in a way true, but I really hope to be more mindful of how I can be “greener” in my everyday life.)

My Pictures:

Our Life Chronicles – view pics of our everyday life!

http://ourlifechronicles101.shutterfly.com –> drop me a comment if  you want the password to view pics!

Our Wedding  – Solemnisation on 05.11.05, Wedding Banquet on 11.03.06

http://ourwedding101.shutterfly.com –> drop me a comment if you want the password to view pics!


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