Jordan Turns 6

Jordan is always excited about birthdays and Christmas…..because of the presents! This year, he has taken a special liking to counting money and collecting the different types of Singapore dollar notes and coins. A few weeks before his birthday, we were walking past this shop in Bugis Junction which sells all sorts of quirky stuff and the US dollar serviettes on sale caught his attention. He stopped in his tracks and dragged us into the shop. Inside, he couldn’t stop swooning over all the unique and quirky things from gold bar coin banks to old telephones that looked really antique and dated. Despite his wanting to buy some of the stuff, we didn’t get anything for him. To our surprise however, the shop seemed to have left a rather deep impression on his young mind and he kept talking about it the next few weeks and was very sure he was going to get a present from that shop for his birthday! Hence, we brought him back to the shop to choose his present. He originally went in with the intention of buying the US dollar notes for distributing to his classmates during his school birthday celebration, however when he laid eyes on this little safe which really looked lile a miniature of what Lawrence has, he was adamant about getting it for his birthday present!


The ‘almost real’ US dollar notes serviettes:


He happily distributed them away as though they were real money during his school birthday celebration and his teacher even joked that he would grow up to be a philantrophist!

During his advance home birthday celebration, he was showing us his collection of dollar notes. However, as he didn’t have any $5 notes, he went around asking specifically for $5 notes but nobody had $5 notes. Everyone only had $10, $50 or $2 notes and he didn’t want any of them!

Much to his surprise, my FIL bought him a wallet with a stack of $5 notes for his birthday! He was absolutely thrilled, more so with the $5 notes than the wallet!


Since then, he has been keeping all his notes in his little safe which can be password-locked just like a real safe and he is forever changing his password cuz he thinks it’s just so fun to keep having different passwords!!


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