Kite Flying @ Marina Borage

We decided to head to Marina Borage for kite flying one of the weekends as the kites we had bought for the kids (one butterfly kite from Bali and another angry bird kite from one of the kite shops here) had been sitting at one side, unopened and untried.

The kids were excited and had been pestering us to bring them kite flying for the longest time. It was a cool breezy day and the occasional wind made it ideal for flying a kite. When we arrived, there were already many people sitting on mats on the green grass patch. Some were there with picnic baskets, probably intending to while the evening away, while some were setting up their kites, ready to let them soar up high into the sky.

Setting up the kite:

Ian running around happily:


Ian & I:

Managed to snap a couple pics of our angry bird kite flying in the sky:

The kids had a great time and we should be back again sometime soon! It really is a good way to spend a relaxing evening! 🙂




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