Meet the Parents Session

Written some time ago, but didn’t get down to publishing it earlier…

As Ian was now in school (his very first term in school), we met the teachers together with the kids. As Ian’s teacher was occupied, we met Jordan’s teachers first. Teacher Sarah, Jordan’s form teacher went through with us some of the things Jordan had done in the last 6 months in school. He had made good progress and was taking a liking to more colours (remember, he used to only like black?!) and I could see more colours in his books. Haha. Teacher Sarah said that Jordan had no issues talking, he could talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere and he loved talking and wasn’t afraid to speak to the adults or ask questions (we could see that, cuz while Teacher Sarah was talking to us, Jordan had wandered off to speak to the other adults and he seemed to be carrying on a real “adult” conversation with the adults!). I am glad to hear that there wasn’t any more feedback on him singing the Hokkien song in school. Haha. However, Teacher Sarah highlighted that while Jordan could rattle off his ABCs, he needed to practise “recognising” the alphabets. As in even if the letters were jumbled up and not in the usual ABC order, he should be able to recognise all his alphabets and be able to write them. She advised that we let him practise more writing and train him to write his own name by the time school reopens! Omg, it indeed wasn’t an easy task! So we went to Popular and bought some ABC books and asked him to write his alphabets. As Jordan has a rather short attention span, it really wasn’t easy trying to get him to concentrate on his alphabets at long stretches. He needed long breaks and time with his precious toys!

Next up was Jordan’s Chinese Teacher, who happened to also be Ian’s Chinese teacher. The Chinese Teacher told us that Jordan was a really cheeky boy but he was smart! She related that when Jordan first started going diaper-free, he would always go to her to ask her to help him to pull up his pants. I think cuz the other teachers were more disciplinarian type and made sure the kids put on and took off their own shoes, arranged the shoes neatly, placed the school bags neatly and went to wash their hands with soap before starting lessons. So Jordan probably knew only the Chinese teacher would “entertain” him and went to look for the Chinese Teacher very often!

The Chinese Teacher also related that Ian was getting on well in school. Ian seemed to like more colours compared to his brothers, cuz he coloured the xylophone in many different colours!! I remembered Jordan used to choose only black or blue – u know just single colours. I was happy to note that Ian chose many different colours on his picture!

Next up was Ian’s form teacher, who told us that Ian was a very cheerful and happy boy, who joined his friends to play. I was concerned that Ian, being bad tempered at home, would show his temper in school as well, but to my great surprise, all three of his teachers thought he was the most adorable little thing! They all said he was really cheerful and happy and participated especially actively in jumping and dancing! I totally didn’t expect him to be so good-tempered in school!! Ms Tan even told me that Ian was so cute!! She said that whenever she calls his name, he would look at her with his eyes opened wide and smile! To think I was still concerned more about Ian not being able to adapt well to school compared to Jordan. I did raise concern over Ian’s slowness in speaking words, but the teachers didn’t really think it was a very big issue and told us to give it abit more time, and if we were really concerned, to bring him to a specialist after some monitoring. Well, he has been speaking more lately, but still not as much as Jordan was, at the same age. But I guess it’s unfair to compare cuz different kids develop at different rates, and it may not mean anything. Plus Ian has only really been in school for 5 months!

All in all, it was a good session which allowed us to know more about the kids’ progress in school and helped us pinpoint the areas which needed improvement. =)


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