Play Doh

The kids have recently taken a new liking to “Play Doh”, especially Jordan. Would say Ian didn’t enjoy playing with the Play Doh as much as Jordan, as he was really more interested in mixing up all the colours than trying to make creations out of the Play Doh. Jordan first saw Joey’s Ice Cream Play Doh set at her place and couldn’t stop playing with it.

So I decided to buy him a set, since I myself pretty much enjoyed playing with the “Play Doh” too. Haha. So the other day, while we were shopping for a first year birthday present for my niece, Jiaxuan, we bought the kids a “Play Doh” set as well – a Pizza Play Doh set!

As you can expect, Jordan was super delighted and the last few days, the little imp has been busying himself with the Play Doh Set, jokingly saying that he is making pizza for Daddy cuz Daddy loves to eat Pizza! Haha. He even asked me to buy him more Play Doh sets….hmmm, that will have to wait a bit. He can’t be getting new toys every single week. =)


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