We had a free three-months trial for Star Hub’s SCV and the kids got hooked onto this channel in the initial days, when we could access all the channels. I didn’t know that Cbeebies was a BBC channel, as they featured shows like Teletubbies (frankly I found them quite stupid and certainly did not teach anything useful, unlike Barney, even though Barney is also an oversized stuff toy like the Teletubbies), Waybuloos (dreamy characters with oversized heads floating here and there) and In the Night Garden (which had wierd characters with names like Pinkidong and NingkiNong). I seriously couldn’t believe it was a BBC Channel! I didn’t feel the shows were educational and in fact, I found them quite stupid and dumb, so I was glad when the free trial was over. I was in fact horrified that Ian loved the Teletubbies so much when he first saw it, cuz quite frankly, the Teletubbies were just squealing nonsensical stuff and jumping here and there all the time and I didn’t quite fancy the baby face in the Sun, which looked ridiculous to me. It sounded like the Teletubbies were baby-talking and I didn’t like it, but Ian probably related to the squeals and the nonsensical babble cuz he still cannot speak and it’s how he tries to communicate with us sometimes and he does love jumping up and down and dancing around, just like the Teletubbies. Anyway, I am glad the free channels have stopped and so they don’t have a chance to watch this channel anymore! Yaay!


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