Dragons, Dinosaurs & All Things Fierce!

As you all know, Jordan is quite a scaredy cat and it has not been easy trying to get him to be less frightened about the dark and certain noises (well, you might find it funny, but as a kid, I was also quite a scaredy cat too and hence I can relate to his fear, though sometimes I still can’t help but laugh about it).

One night, as we were trying to get the kids to go to sleep, Jordan suddenly turned to say that there was a tiger outside and he was scared cuz the tiger was so fierce! We immediately assured him that the tiger was in the zoo and it certainly wasn’t outside and he didn’t have to worry about it coming near him. Then he started to ask if the dinosaurs were also in the zoo! I had to explain that dinosaurs no longer existed as they all died long ago. Of course, it made him more curious and he continued to ask “Why? Why did they die long ago? Where are the dinosaurs now?”

I didn’t know how to explain it so I just said “God decided to take them home, so the dinosaurs just died and went to heaven and they are all in heaven now.”

Still, he continued to ask “Why are they in heaven? Why God wants to take them home?”

I really didn’t know how to answer that so I just babbled “Hmm, cuz they are so big and dangerous, their feet are so huge that when they step on us, we will die.”

Ok, this satisfied him BUT he started to ask about Dragons instead! He also wanted to know where they were and why we can’t see them. Lawrence tried to explain that dragons aren’t real and that there are no dragons in reality. And Jordan’s answer really caught me by surprise and made me break out into laughter. He said “Daddy, but you are a dragon? Why you say there are no dragons?”

Cuz Lawrence is born in the year of the dragon, I always jokingly refer to him as a dragon and Jordan , a pig (cuz he is born in the year of the pig) and Ian, a mouse (cuz he is born in the year of the mouse) and I guess these images stuck with him, though I am pretty sure Jordan doesn’t know how a real dragon looks like. Haha. He probably just thought that since Lawrence is supposed to be a dragon, there must be dragons around!


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