Washing Your Face with Water ONLY

Some may find it unimagineable using just water alone to wash your face, but that’s what I do now. I never really believed in doing this, cuz I always felt that you needed some form of soap to cleanse your face to rid it of the grime, dirt and oil. Even HE’s bouncy, radiant skin didn’t convince me to do that (she had been using just water to cleanse her face for a while). It was only after my Lasik Surgery, when I had to avoid getting any stuff into my eyes that I started using ONLY water to cleanse my face. During that one month period, I used only a wash cloth and warm water to wipe my face twice a day, morning and night. Because of the stringent post-operation instructions, I did not even apply any eye cream, moisturiser or sun block on my face. I was actually dreading that period of time, as I wondered what would happen to my face without all my creams and lotions? However, I was surprised to find that my skin actually got better instead of worse! In face, HE commented that my skin looked better than before! Of course, it wasn’t solely based on what she said that made me believe in this but more than that, I really saw and felt for myself that my skin was clearer, more radiant and surprisingly moisturised, even without the moisturiser!

Despite this, I have to admit that I haven’t sworn off all moisturisers, cleansers and the like completely, but as much as possible, I try to use stuff that are natural. For instance, instead of the commercial makeup remover, I now use just good old Olive Oil (other oils I have tried included Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed Oil), together with Castor Oil to remove my makeup. I follow-up by using a warm wash cloth to wipe my face clean several times and remove any residual makeup. This is actually what they call the Oil Cleansing Method. If you google ‘Oil Cleansing Method’, you can actually find plenty of useful resources out there. I follow with a splash of cold water, then apply my day toner (I am currently using the dead sea one from Ahava, but I love the Pore-Refining Toner from Silk Naturals) or night toner (I am currently using the AHA and BHA toner from Silk Naturals on alternate nights) followed by Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturiser. I sometimes apply Camelia Oil as a moisturiser as I found that it absorbed really well into the skin and helped in firming up the skin. Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil worked equally well as a moisturiser.

I have found that using minimal stuff on my face actually worked better for me than using multiple items at the same time. My beautician used to tell me that it did not mean that the more products you used on your face, the better it was for your skin. On the contrary, if you used just one or two really good products on your face, it could work wonders. Sometimes using too many products at the same time clogs up the pores and you may end up worse off than before.


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2 Responses to Washing Your Face with Water ONLY

  1. Stuart says:

    Great stuff, thanks for another informative read, I enjoy returning to your blog via twitter to read your updates.Thanks for the inspiration it will help with my new blog

  2. Lebrojames says:

    I must agree that water only for your face gives benefits on your face such as: It helps you to maintain your face moisturized retaining your GOOD and NATURAL oil on your face and it wont make your face dry or irritated unlike with soap, it could make your face dry.
    One thing, do not use wash cloth on your face in a regular basis, because it has an exfoliating effect that will rub off even the healthy cells you have on your face.
    Dermatologist suggests to exfoliate your face once to twice a wee only.
    Nevertheless, this is a great blog! 😀

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