Loots from US!


Absolutely adore these pretty liners and pads from Talulah Bean!! Gorgeous prints and so absolutely soft to the touch!


My all-time favourite Silk Naturals Super Serum! The service was impeccable as usual. I actually ordered 4 packs of the Greek Goddess masks as well but they were out of stock. Hence I m surprised to still receive a pack of it! Not only that, I received two eyeshadows, one of which is already discontinued! Just a pity they no longer have the free shipping offer for international orders above $125. Otherwise I will sure order more!


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Happy National Day!

The boys were awfully excited this morning as it was national day celebration in school today! They had to don red and white to school but I realised I didn’t have any white pants for them! There was only a pair of red angry bird pants and they were both fighting over it. So I decided no white or red pants, just red shirt will do! Jordan was disappointed initially but after that he got an ingenious idea! He suggested that both of them wear white shirts with red tie! That would give both red and white!!


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Most Powerful Number & Letter

As we were driving home today, Jordan suddenly turned to Lawrence and asked: “Daddy, do you know what is the most powerful number and what is the most powerful letter?”

Lawrence (curious): Nope

Jordan: ‘0’ and ‘s’!

Lawrence (more curious): Why??

Jordan: Because you can keep adding ‘0’s to make numbers bigger and bigger and bigger, to infinity! And you can have more and more things by adding ‘s’ behind, like ‘car’ becomes ‘cars’!!

Lawrence (bewildered by his logic): ??!!

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New Outdoor Furniture

Finally got down to getting a small little table and two outdoor chairs for our room’s balcony after all these years! Partly due to the fact that we did not install grilles all this while and we finally installed “invisible” grilles at our balconies a couple of months back. The table costs $39 while each chair costs $15 each (down from $30 each) from Ikea – a really good deal. Now, we can freely step out to the balcony and sit there with a cuppa every now and then!


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Jordan’s Love for All Things Vintage


One morning, as we were driving off after breakfast at one of the nearby coffee shops, Jordan saw an old beetle and wanted to get down to take a look! He ended up taking two happy shots with the beetle. Jordan always has this thing for ‘old-style’ stuff and much prefers them over more modern-looking versions!


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My Brother’s Wedding

My brother finally got married today! Happy for him that he finally found someone to walk with him for the rest of his life.



Jordan had the honour of being the page boy and despite being super active almost all the time, I was glad he was able to walk down the aisle without major “trouble”:


He even became good friends with the flower girl!


The vow:


Lighting of Unity Candle:


Surprise item for the bride – song and strum:


I especially like the slide show put together by the couple. I liked that it was so full of the word of God!

The kids had a blast:




It was a tiring but enjoyable day! May God continue to bless my dear brother and his wife richly as they continue in this journey called life.

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A Random Day At The Playground

One of those random weekend trips to the playgrounds near by — we always go playground-a-hopping!

Ian’s lion hair:


Jordan playing a fool:


Ian loves animals and never fails to stop by to look at them:





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